Title Authors
Collaborative Adaptation: Learning to Recover from Unforeseen Malfunctions in Multi-Robot Teams Yasin Findik, Paul Robinette, Kshitij Jerath, Reza Ahmadzadeh
Interaction-Aware Merging in Mixed Traffic with Integrated Game-theoretic Predictive Control and Inverse Differential Game Mohamed-Khalil Bouzidi, Ehsan Hashemi
Intent-Aware Autonomous Driving: A Case Study on Highway Merging Scenarios Nishtha Mahajan, Qi Zhang
Active Inverse Learning in Stackelberg Trajectory Games Yue Yu, Jacob Levy, Negar Mehr, David Fridovich-Keil, Ufuk Topcu
Towards Optimal Head-to-head Autonomous Racing with Curriculum Reinforcement Learning Dvij Rajesh Kalaria, Qin Lin, John M Dolan
iPLAN: Intent-Aware Planning in Heterogeneous Traffic via Distributed Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Xiyang Wu, Rohan Chandra, Tianrui Guan, Amrit Singh Bedi, Dinesh Manocha
Decentralized Multi-Robot Social Navigation in Constrained Environments via Game-Theoretic Control Barrier Functions Rohan Chandra, Vrushabh Zinage, Efstathios Bakolas, Joydeep Biswas, Peter Stone
Cooperation Dynamics in Multi-Agent Systems: Exploring Game-Theoretic Scenarios with Mean-Field Equilibria Sathi Vaigarai, Sabahat Shaik, Jaswanth Nidamanuri
A Preview of Open-Loop and Feedback Nash Trajectories in Racing Scenarios Matthias Rowold
Zero-Sum Games Between Large-Population Heterogeneous Teams: A Reachability-based Analysis under Mean-Field Sharing Yue Guan, Mohammad Afshari, Panagiotis Tsiotras
Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning for Cooperative and Competitive Autonomous Vehicles using AutoDRIVE Ecosystem Tanmay Samak, Chinmay Samak, Venkat Krovi
Learned Objectives for Game Theoretic Planning Keiko Nagami, Jaden Clark, Mac Schwager
Towards Risk Aware Racing Agents: Learning Adaptive Policies in Competitive Racing Games Kehlani Fay, Victor Shia